2011 Oakley Shaun White Air & Style Beijing Event World Snowboard Race and live concerts

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Concerned about snow sports "Snow Friends" and passion for pop music fans will not forget the 2010 Oakley

Shaun White Air & Style Beijing World Snowboard Race and live concerts ,which held at the Olympic Sports

Center in the winter of last year. An ice carnival let last year's winter no longer cold.


With the global visibility and influence, in order to promote the Oakley Shaun White Air & Style Beijing Event,

have come to Beijing for the two time, and champion for two Winter Olympics Shaun White, who is called as

“boarder” Shaun by Chinese snowboarding enthusiasts and fans affectionately, said very honored for as

host guest in person at the scene again and interact with the whole enthusiastic audience.


Part of audio in this activity is take charge by the Beijing agent of Seer Audio. It used large powerW-15 line

array speaker series that produced by Seer Audio in this activity, total 24 pcs, 3 pcs for a group, fully meet many

million of people's hearing feelings. Low speakers is used the largest double 21 inch Subwoofer, let the

audience and players feel the most rushing sensation. Amplifier is used the AMP series switching power

amplifier  which is latest, full power, light and convenient, let the W-15 speaker greatly release the most full

of sound source. It also used new DP series digital processor which is newest development of Seer Audio,

make its sound more perfect.


At the same time, hundreds of domestic and foreign media in the race to watch the matches that night , and

report the events and athletes on site instantly, more than 200 people of media signed up for the interview.