Audio Terms

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FM(frequency  modulation)

A wireless broadcast type, it will be encoded into the audio waveform as a variation of the carrier signal frequency.A center frequency of 88.1MHz FM radio station based on the amplitude of the audio wave propagation a frequency range from tiny to slightly greater than at 88.1MHz 88.1MHz signal.



Rate of change for vibration or oscillation. Sound is vibration transmitted in the air, the rate of change of the electrical signal through the different displays: Bass tone of voice through the slowly varying voltage to display, and the high pitch by the rapid change to display. Frequency in cycles per second or Hz to measure. Audio spectrum that can often produce 20 to 20,000 Hz. In radio technology, radio frequency carrier signal means, such as FM or AM radio station for the 88.1MHz to 1,010 KHz.


Frequency response

Specifications that shows how the components to produce a smooth audio signal. Typical values ​​are 20 to 20,000 Hz ± 3dB, said the device can produce as low as 20Hz to 20,000 Hz range high voice, but loud sound level changes do not exceed plus or minus 3dB. If the indicator does not include a frequency response error (plus or minus dB values),in fact, it is meaningless.


Graphic  equalizer

Fixed-band equalizer.



In theory, the zero level reference point, used to describe the negative connection.



Expressed in decibels, is the most low-level input signal and audio processing devices normally do not lead to distortion of the difference between the maximum level.



Parts of a tape deck.When recording, it generates a magnetic field on the tape; playback, it has to detect the magnetic field on the tape.Most tape decks have a separate sound head wiping, by making the tape and wipe magnetic random-oriented sound, which can be re-recording.


High-pass filter

A sub-frequency circuit, allowing only above a predetermined crossover frequency signals, and signal attenuation below the crossover frequency.


Home theater system

A large gathering of audio and video components. To achieve true surround sound system the film transfer effects, at least four speakers (two front, two in rear). There is also a top-level system Dolby Pro Logic decoder, in fact, for the first home theater system to increase the center channel speaker and subwoofer.


HX Pro

It means the Dolby HX Pro Dolby Pro headroom extension.



Frequency of the standard unit, named after the German physicist Heinrich Hertz.Number indicates the number of hertz or cycles per second per second starting from a basic state changes as well as recovery cycles. In the audio range, the basic state is no sound when the air pressure or its electrical equivalent value (often-level DC signal).Hertz larger value indicates higher pitch.


IC(integrated circuit)

Contains many transistors and resistors of a small electronic device, it is the most essential part of the audio component.


IF(intermediate  frequency)rejection

Used to measure the frequency AM or FM tuner the ability to suppress external interference, the larger number the better.

Contains many transistors and resistors of a small electronic device, it is the most essential part of the audio component.