"6S management regulations." of Guangzhou Seer Audio

Times:200次 Date:2012-02-03

A.Content of 6S

6S management is to sorting, straighten, sweep, sanitize, sustain, security, six projects, because the Japanese are the Roman alphabet "S" at the beginning and referred to as 6S management.


a .  S——Sorting


Anything in the workplace is divided into necessary and unnecessary;

The necessary things and unnecessary things clearly and strictly separate areas;

Unnecessary things must be disposed as soon as possible.


Free space, space utilizing

Prevent misuse, misdirected

Create fresh workplace


In the production process there is often some residual materials, goods for repairs, rework, scrap, etc. remain in the field, both occupied the place has hindered production, including some not available tooling, fixtures, measuring tools, machinery and equipment, if not eliminate, the scene will become messy, adverse phenomenon is as follows:

The spacious workplace, will be getting narrow.

Shelves, cabinets and other debris accounted for by reduced value.

Increase the search for tools, spare parts and other items of difficulty, a waste of time.

Items placed in haphazard manner, increasing inventory difficulty, costing inaccurate.


b.  S——Straighten

◇After finishing the scene of the need to stay in place different categories of items, arranged in neat rows.

◇Number is clear and effective logo.


Workplace at a glance

Neat work environment

Eliminate the time to find items

Eliminate the backlog of items too


c . S——Sweep


Cleaned up the workplace
Keeping the workplace clean, bright


Remove dirt, and protect the workplace clean

Stable quality

Reduce industrial injuries


d.  S——Sanitize


3S implementation of the above approach institutionalized and standardized


To maintain the results of the above 3S


e .  S——Sustain


Through the morning meeting and other means to improve the standards of polite employees, enhance team spirit, to act as required to develop good working habits.


Enhance the quality of staff training, so that employees work on their own initiative, the pursuit of excellence.


f.  S——Security


Go by the operation, are subject to follow all the "safety first, prevention first" principle.


Ensure personal and company property.


B. Purpose:

To guide all employees in all departments and concerned phase of the process goals and the effect of improvement in order to concentrate and focus limited resources on the system to improve the management of the site and to be conscious of quality.


C. Range:

Factory area be divided by woodworking, sanding, painting, assembly, amplifier, audio warehouse, amplifier warehouse, office and administrative public .


D. Responsibility:

a. Workshop leader is responsible for operating the site and adjacent public areas on-site management implementation;

b. Warehouse workers responsible for public areas adjacent to the warehouse and implementation of site management;

c. Other department official on the scene in the production operations within the office area or work area is responsible for the implementation of site management.

d. Cleaning of the plant health division of the region refer to "shop flat set-map" zoning implementation.

e. Group meets weekly on-site inspections of four pairs of 6S-site inspection area of ​​responsibility and evaluation records.

f. Administrative staff responsible carrying out the effective management of regular or irregular sampling and statistical analysis of the problems found in spot checks as "responsible authorities during this period or not to carry out effective work” for 6S management.


E. Contents of inspection

a. Specification please see "6S management and inspection record" and Schedule "workshop plane set-map" into the area, combined with "the responsibility of the regional table."

b. Area seting and materials management:

Area of the site set-responsible must be set, and is responsible for the area and placed the items stacked signage clearly indicate the date, product name, quantity.

The on-site items (including: materials, tools, fixtures, etc.) must be required to be placed neatly stacked semi-finished products are not allowed to chaos, accessories, must be neatly placed, classified piled up, and clear.


F. Signage management

a. A variety of on-site signage must be consistent format, with the company logo of a unified standard font size, any department without permission are not allowed to freely create temporary identification card.

b. Signage requirements of the site with paste is the same high standards, temporary signage or just hanging items on the product box, the other will be allowed to rugged Luantie identification card.

c. The workshop and office to inform the various forms (including: managing documents, records, etc.) to be unified with paste, allowed to freely posted on the wall or window glass and on the floor.


G. Assessment appraisal methods:

a. Assessment rating based on:

On-site inspection teams inspected weekly test results.

Workshop supervisor monthly evaluation results for workshop.

b. Assessment appraisal methods:

On-site inspection teams (select an advanced team) every Saturday in accordance with "6S management check the contents" of each plant inspection, each inspection record sheets out of 100 points, found that on-site problems by "6S inspection record sheet" requirements points, appraisal scores a workshop day, and paid a monthly summary of the workshop audit team average.