Little knowledge of speaker suspension

Times:200次 Date:2012-02-03

 Writer-Andy  Source-Professionadl Audio Website

The spread of speakers hanging on the ground than on the average number, we know at this time,sound pressure = 20Log (reference distance / distance), that SPL = 20Log (Dref / D). If the speaker is far from double the sound pressure will decrease 6dB (inverse square law), because SPL = 20Log (1 / 2) = 20Log0.5 = 20 * (-0.301) =- 6dB.

Suspension speaker has its advantages, but if you plan to hang speakers, please note that to hire a professional consultant to, because this is something related to life in particular.Note that suspension should be counted in the affordability of some of the weakest connection, sound system installation suspension, you must clear your suspension components used to withstand the intensity.In the installation process should pay attention to some specific issues, such as harness the power on the distribution of angles, at this time, sine negative angle = efficiency (Load Angle Efficiency), the smallest angles and do not maintain the peace, this will reduce the pressure on tape .