•3-channel balanced input and 6-channel balanced output

•24-bit,48kHz sampling rate,?ƭ??/DA convertor,32 bits DSP chip.

•input processing includes Gain, Mute, Noise gate,high-cut,low-cut,8 parameter EQ, Phase ,Delay and so on

•output processing includes crossover,5 parameter EQ, Gain, Mute, compressor/Limiter, Phase, Delay and so on

•Every input and output can do matrix assign flexibly

•Adjustable PEQ frequency, Gain and bandwidth; we can choose style:PEAK??H-SHELVE??L-SHELVE

•we can choose the style of all High-cut ,Low-cut filter and Distributor unit: Butterworth??Linkwitz-Riley??Bessel; Choice slope is from -6dB/Oct to -48dB/Oct

•Adjustable compressor/limiter threshold, ratio, attached time and release time

•Adjustable threshold, attached time ,release time of all noise gate

•All delay module's delay time can reach over 682ms

•Parameter setting of every channel can copy freely

•inter-put signal generator, output can choose pink noise , white noise,20Hz-20kHz adjustable sine wave and adjustable signal range

•2*20 word LCD, light and key-press incorporate design, unique one key-press process method, bring the users with convenient and rapid operating

•32 user preset; status and every preset can save and adjust separately, with code protecting function

•with PC ,we can do remote control by USB and RS232 connector

•256 units linkable by RS485 ,and do remote link controlling by center-control equipment